The Naked, Strewth charity calendar is free with our January issue. The best of the current crop of naked charity calendars, handpicked for you by our dedicated team

The Naked Strewth charity calendar encompasses bosoms and bottoms from field to far afield. Each month a plethora of the sporting and scantily clad send in the best of their barely clad efforts to Field Towers. It has become an something of an institution. Much like the British fascination with the weather, there is an equal fascination among the country dweller to disrobe at the drop of a hat. It must have something to do with the rural bonkbuster and all it entails. Follow me? Yes please, Master.

Bottoms are bared without a blush and décolletages exposed, and Air Ambulances throughout the Shires are kept flying for another year. The Field’s Naked Strewth charity calendar 2019 pays homage to the pick of this year’s naked charity calendar crop. You can find your copy FREE with every January 2019 issue of The Field.

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The 2019 FREE Naked, Strewth charity calendar contains the very best of the naked charity calendars that have revealed themselves in The Field during the previous year. So you can expect frisky fillies, well-prepared guns, foxy hunters and oar-some rowers. The Field has also donated to all the charities concerned, and encourages you to do the same.

Charities and organisations comprise:

The Royal Holloway University Riding Club saddling up in support of the RDA.

Robbie’s Reveal turning their back on brain cancer for robbiesrally.

Worcestershire Hunt Supporters having a ball for the air ambulance.

Newcastle University Boat Club with their oar-some effort for Mind.

Cardiff Ladies Rugby booting up in support of Coppafeel!.

DMU Equestrian Society jettisoning the jodhpurs for RDA.

Kinross JAC braving the chill on the farm for Kinross-shire Heart Start and MS Scotland.