Do you think you are an expert on all things fieldsports and The Field? Then see if your knowledge cuts the mustard with our fun and fiendish annual quiz.


The Field Quiz 2023


1) Who wrote the famous shooting poem that begins, “Never, never let your gun/ Pointed be at anyone”?

2) Why are plus-fours so named?

3) Which species of duck is fully protected in Britain but may be shot in Northern Ireland?

4) Which bird is also known as a ringdow?

5) In Great Britain, what is the limit above which an airgun is regarded as being “specially dangerous”?’’


1) In a salmon’s lifecycle, what do fry become next as they prepare for their journey to the ocean?

2) What name is given to this salmon fly?

3) The name of which fish comes from the Old French word for ‘spinning top’?

4) The European eel always migrates to which sea to spawn?

5) Which fish has the most taste buds of any animal, with 180,000 taste buds on the outside of its body?


1) What would you call a red deer stag with 14 points?

2) Which is the smallest deer species found in the UK?

3) What is a hummel?

4) True or false: it is illegal to shoot any animal with a bow in the UK?

5) Which two species of deer are native to the UK?


Collective nouns

What are the collective nouns for the following?

1) Crows

2) Falcons

3) Magpies

4) Peacocks

5) Trout

6) Woodpeckers

7) Hamsters

8) Jays

9) Squirrels

10) Foxes


1) What is the first pack listed, alphabetically, in Baily’s?

2) Coats of Padua red are synonymous with which English pack?

3) What happens when hounds hunt a heel line?

4) Bratton Down is the venue for which foxhound pack’s point-to-point?

5) What is a double oxer?


1) Which spaniel was named after the home of the Duke of Newcastle?

2) Name this particular breed of gundog (above)

3) Originating in Italy in the 1400s, what dog breed was originally used to hunt waterfowl but today is most commonly employed for hunting truffles?

4) Which terrier breed was developed to hunt vermin, particularly badgers, from 1850?

5) Which sporting breed is descended from a milkman’s dog called Trump?

The Field

1) Who was the first Editor of The Field from 1853 to 1857?

2) Which US president was a keen reader of The Field?

3) The Field led a campaign to focus attention on the dangerous state of British racecourses in the 1950s. Which racecourse was subsequently dug up and relaid as a result?

4) Which modern sports ball is based upon the design agreed after tests carried out by The Field in the 1920s?

5) In which sport did players vie to lift The Field Cup until 1883?

Food and drink

1) Which pungent plant has its own festival held on the Isle of Wight every year?

2) Claret is a dry red wine produced in which region of France?

3) How many standard 750ml bottles of wine would fit into a Methuselah?

4) ‘Scrag end’ is the name for a cut of which type of meat?

5) In a ‘carpetbag steak’, what are placed in a pocket cut into the meat?

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