Put your old newspaper to good use with our top tips on how to make homemade compost with newspaper

Bulk up the compost heap by using your old newspapers. Follow our advice on how to make homemade compost with newspaper. It is very simple and will put the used papers to excellent use.

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We have reduced our magazine and newspaper intake and are now only receiving weekend newspapers and our monthly copy of The Field. I have heard that I can use the newspaper in my compost. Would you be able to tell us if this works and the best way of using it? We have had great success with the leaves in black sacks you mentioned a few years ago.
CCM, by email

Newspaper works well in compost but it needs to be shredded before it is added to the mix, otherwise it forms a mouldy, soggy mess. Compost needs an equal amount of brown composting material (newspaper) with the other half being made up of a mix of grass clippings, coffee grounds, food scraps or weeds. Leave until the mixture is well rotted; this will take longer during the cooler winter months.