Keep the patio tidy with our safe and easy solution to kill weeds. Learn how to stop weeds growing on a patio

Weeds growing between paving slabs on a patio is a common problem. But back-breaking work or harsh chemical sprays are not the only options to keep the patio tidy. We have an easy, safer alternative to deter weeds. Follow our advice and learn how to stop weeds growing on a patio.

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Is there a way of keeping weeds out of our cracked, paved patio. We are keen not to use any chemical sprays. At present, we are constantly pulling them up. Is there a less back-breaking alternative as we are not the youngest?
AG, by email

A safer alternative to chemical sprays is to sprinkle handfuls of bicarbonate of soda onto the cracked patio area and then sweep it into the cracks. The sodium in the bicarb makes it much less hospitable for the weeds and deters them. Large quantities of bicarbonate of soda can be purchased online from priced £16 for 5kg and £47 for 25kg bags.