Tidy up the garden by learning how to stop weeds growing in borders, and attract more insects to your flower beds instead

To get your borders looking their very best, follow our simple tips on how to stop weeds growing in borders. And attract more insects to your flower beds instead with our advice.

Effective ways to kill weeds doesn’t have to involve back-breaking work or harsh chemical sprays. Weeds growing between paving stones on a patio is a common problem. Our simple top tip on how to stop weeds growing on a patio is a safe and easy solution. Or if you are keen to encourage more flora and fauna into your garden, have you considered creating a wild meadow? Read how to create a garden for insects for our advice. And starting your own nature reserve needn’t be costly or time-consuming. Read how to create your own nature reserve. With little effort and minimal cost, we can enjoy more wildlife just outside the back door.


We enjoy The Field very much, especially the snippets in Country Queries. It has provided much interest, amusement, help with gifts, recipes and advice. We would now like some help, albeit not of a shooting/fishing variety but in the garden. With time on our hands, is there some way to minimise weeds and attract useful insects into the garden as we prepare a new border?
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An area of exposed soil will quickly result in weeds sprouting up everywhere. Plant new plants closer together, reducing the recommended planting distances to cover the soil. This really helps minimise the space for weeds and also encourages the soil to retain water.

To encourage insects into the garden, use green manures such as buckwheat and clover, normally sown in later summer; they also help keep nutrients in the soil over the winter before being dug in the following spring, when the nutrients are put back into the soil.