We are delighted to introduce Jose Souto as one of The Field Kitchen Theatre chefs, a leading game chef in the UK and ready to cook up a storm all weekend

The Field is delighted to be sponsoring The Field Kitchen Theatre this year at The Game Fair. The sporting world is inextricably linked to what we eat and how we eat it. So this year, we are turning the traditional on its head and putting the ‘theatre’ back into cookery demonstrations. Chefs will be joined by experts in their field who will talk on their subject, show films and answer audience questions. It is set to be a fantastic, immersive experience – so make your way to H1354 to join us.

Game Fair regular Jose Souto will be demonstrating every day in The Field Kitchen Theatre. Don’t miss him taking on the wing element of The Field Macnab dinner on Friday 28 July at 1.15pm. Jose will be joined by chefs Rachel Green and Tim Maddams, Robert Everitt of Hull Cartridge Company and Field Deputy Editor Alexandra Henton to discuss how to take on the greatest fieldsports challenge, and properly enjoy the spoils.

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Jose Souto is one of the leading game chefs in the UK, keen to teach fellow chefs and the public how easy it is to incorporate game into your diet. Jose spent 11 years working as a chef at the House of Commons. He now travels the country for game cookery demonstrations and to teach courses on game preparation.

Jose will be demonstrating in The Field Kitchen Theatre all weekend. Don’t miss him preparing and cooking a whole boar alongside Mike Robinson and Rachel Green at 2pm on Saturday.

Follow Jose Souto on Twitter @wildfoodboy and @thegamelarder.


What is your favourite game dish?

That would be hard for me to tie down as it’s all so good and so different, but you have to go a long way to beat a well roasted haunch of fallow. But then roast crown of grouse is also great and so is partridge. See what I mean…

Do you stalk/shoot/hunt what you cook?

Yes I do and I think it very important that all chefs have that experience. I stalk and also am a falconer and use all of the quarry taken. The story of field to table gives you a massive appreciation and respect for the product you are using. It also gives you the full story of it uniqueness which you can then convey to your customers and your friends.

One top tip for cooking game / encouraging people to try game?

Don’t be scared of game and don’t be put off by old recipes. There are no set rules just be mindful that game contains very little fat and so needs a little more care when cooking.

What is your go-to game dish to impress (your wooing dish!)?

The two that everyone loves are my barbecued butterflied haunch of venison with a rosemary, garlic olive oil  seasoning and my venison epigrams. Both recipes are from my book, Venison The Game Larder.

Which wild food is best for beginners to cook and why?

Venison steak. Treat them like a beef steak, they are easy to do and can be cooked to your liking – but have 10 times more flavour and less fat.

Do you have any tips for plucking?

Take it slow, a few feathers at a time and do not rush.

What are you most excited to cook this season / anything new coming up to promote?

As ever we have the game seminars at Westminster Kingsway College in November, and in January we have a lecture covering all game in the UK and lunch in our restaurant. If people are interested they should contact me to go on mailing list for dates when they are announced. More big news is my new book Feathers The Game Larder, which will come out for next year’s Game Fair.  Like Venison it is a story of game covering 11 species of game bird with over 50 recipes from myself and other well known chefs. Also like Venison it will have all the preparation in some fantastic step by step photos. Photographer Steve Lee and I have worked for 4 years on this book and it’s coming soon.

Describe your cooking style in three words

Easy to follow