Want to be one of the best dressed gentleman at Cheltenham? The Field reveals the top kit to look perfect in the paddock.

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What to wear for Cheltenham

Frequently, what to wear at Cheltenham guides focus on the fillies. But for the racing gentleman Cheltenham offers the perfect opportunity to make that most understated and English of sartorial displays. It has to be tweed. And it has to be classic. Leave the experimentation for Aintree. A tweed suit will always fit the bill, but well-paired tweed trousers are just as acceptable.

Here we pick this year’s favourites and racing certs for the sporting gentleman.

What to wear for Cheltenham. Coat

The original, and hard to best.

The Cordings Fawn Original Covert Coat (£445) coat has a long and illustrious history. It is impossible to go wrong with this traditional classic. It suits every body type and works well with every tweed. Another beautifully made coat that would be ideal to wear at Cheltenham – and undoubtedly an investment piece – is Purdey’s Town & Country Coat (£2,900).

This coat from Purdey lives up to its name and is at home in town, country and everywhere in between

Visit Holland Cooper to see its aptly named Cheltenham coat (£849). This comes in a variety of colour ways, such as this dapper number in Glen Green (below).

What to wear to Cheltenham? This aptly named coat from Holland Cooper

Pops of colour at Cheltenham

The weather at Cheltenham is mercurial. A cashmere jumper is an essential addition. It also offers the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour. We think Alan Paine’s cosy ruby-red Selkirk cashmere v-neck (£345) is a safe bet.

Fly your sporting colours in cashmere at Cheltenham

What to wear for Cheltenham. Shirts

A covetable classic from Emma Willis.

Emma Willis offers a brilliant stable of classic cotton shirts (from £200). Take your pick from blue, white or pink.

Wins by the neck

Ties are another way of adding a bit of fun to one’s Cheltenham wardrobe. Reef Knots offer well-priced, elegant ties, with a great story. The founder, Patrick Dudley-Williams was made redundant, and producing ties that don’t remind you of the daily grind was his motivation to start Reef Knots. Choose from a plethora of good designs.

Countrymen will also love the colourful offering from Schoffel, such as its Ashford woven silk ties (£59.95).

Sportsmen will like this pop of colour from Schoffel to incorporate into their Cheltenham outfit

Unsure where to start with tweed trousers? House of Bruar’s large selection comes in a peacock’s delight of different designs, but none will scare the horses.

Tops and tails at Cheltenham

What to wear for Cheltenham. Brogues

Joseph Cheaney & Sons Cairngorm II R Country Derby Veldtschoen in Burgundy Grain


What to wear for Cheltenham. Brogues 2

Joseph Cheaney & Sons Avon Wingcap Country Brogue in Dark Leaf, Calf Leather, Leather Sole

Rugged or smooth? That’s the question when it comes to brogues for Cheltenham, and we would be hard-pressed to do better than this duo from Joseph Cheaney & Sons. The Cairngorm II R Country Derby Veldtschoen in Burgundy Grain (£465) come with a commando sole for tougher going. The Avon Wingcap Country Brogue in Dark Leaf calf leather (£395) for good to firm.

What to wear for Cheltenham. Trilby

The inimitable Wetherby Trilby.

You can’t go to Cheltenham without a hat. This Lock & Co. Wetherby Trilby in brown (£445) is our odds-on favourite.

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