For Fielders, there is little debate about whether one ought to wear a tie shooting but more what sort to choose. Here we offer our selection of the very best shooting ties

Field readers are famous for holding the line when it comes to being properly attired. After all, it shows respect not only to one’s host but also to the quarry. Before taking in our round-up of the best shooting ties, be sure to check out our guide to the best shooting coats, best cartridge bags and the best gilets for shooting.

When it comes to the best shooting ties, patterned or plain is personal choice. Most likely this is driven by how sartorially conservative one is. However, it is always best to avoid anything too shiny that might catch the light. This is why rough-textured ties are a popular choice with many guns. That said, there is a super selection of patterned ties available, and one group gamebird-emblazoned ties will never fall out of favour with is the people buying a shooting man his Christmas and birthday presents. A shooting tie is a festive- and birthday-gift failsafe. Here is our guide to the best.

Best shooting tie for labrador lovers

Purdey's shooting tie is golden with a labrador motif

An ideal gift for shooting men and dog lovers

Purdey’s labrador tie (£295) is handmade in England from silk printed in Macclesfield; ideal for the shooting man and gundog enthusiast.
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A classic country tie

A traditional tweed shooting tie from House of Bruar

You can’t beat a traditional wool tie

This 100% wool, Saxony tweed tie (£39.95) from House of Bruar is a stylish and safe bet for any shooting man.
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For a subtle gamebird motif

A red tie with a pheasant motif

Schoffel’s silk ties come in a number of motifs

Schoffel’s range of Ashford silk ties (£59.95) feature a choice of hand-drawn game motifs, such as this ‘chilli pheasant’.
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Best of British


Best shooting ties for lovers of stripes? These knitted versions are by Waring Brooke

Waring Brooke’s Classic Stripe Ties (£29.95) are made from 100% Merino wool and come in a choice of four colourways.
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Best shooting tie for blending in

Best shooting ties? This knitted wool tie in olive is ideal

This knitted wool tie is ideal for shooting

Alan Paine’s textured knitted tie (£49.95) won’t catch the light and is ideal for shooting. The smart presentation box always makes it the perfect gift.
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A much-loved classic

A red tie with a hare motif

Eric Clapton has this tie in every colour

Eric Clapton, joint managing director of Cordings, loves it wool-silk mix March hare tie (£69) that he has one in every colourway.
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