For those keen to put their best foot forward in the line, here is The Field's guide to shooting socks

Shooting socks are an essential piece of field kit. For those keen to put their best foot forward, The Field knows exactly where to look. “To paraphrase Jane Austen, ‘It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any man (or woman) in possession of a shotgun, must be in want of a decent pair of shooting socks’,” says Editor Alexandra Henton. “While tweeds can sometimes verge on the drab, nothing adds a pop of personality to a shooting outfit like a well-coloured shooting stocking. Indeed, whole wardrobes are built around the once-humble garment that now, in lustrous hues can hint at the depths that lie beneath the Lovat breeks or standard issue green field coat.”

So if you want to sock it to everyone in the line, sartorially speaking of course, settle down and read The Field‘s guide to the best shooting socks. And once you’ve got your socks sorted, click here to read our guide to the best shooting gilets. You might also want to check out our guide to the best ear defenders. And no country wardrobe is complete without a pair of wellies – so see our guide to the best gumboots.

Stockings fit for a king

A pair of Celtic weave hand-knitted shooting socks

Wendy Keith has held a Royal Warrant since 2004

As well as being a Royal Warrant Holder, Wendy Keith Designs produces entirely hand-knitted shooting socks for a number of prestigious names. However, it is also possible to buy direct. This Celtic Weave design is £170 plus VAT and includes a pair of matching garters. The stockings and garters are machine washable and can be tumble dried.

A Game Fair best-seller

The Honeycomb Shooting Sock has a very tactile, waffly top

The marbled appearance of these Honeycomb shooting socks has proved a hit

These Honeycomb shooting socks with garter (£70) from the Shooting Sock Company are made from a durable Merino blend. They are available in three colourways and are a bestseller at the company’s Game Fair stand.

Want to personalise your shooting socks?

A pair of monogrammed shooting socks

Much more fun that a nametape

Waring Brooke‘s personalised monogrammed socks (£45) feature a unique design featuring the initials of your choice. These technical socks are made from a Merino blend with a cushion foot and are available in a range of colour options.

For a perfect fit with breeks

Purdey’s ‘Bobble Top Socks’ are made in Soctland

The three dimensional, richly textured cuff of Purdey’s Bobble Top Socks (£145) isn’t just a design flourish. These shooting socks, which are made with 100% pure Merino and come with a garter, fit perfectly with breeks to ensure a perfect seal at the knee. Stay comfortable and dry in style all day.

A good-looking best-seller

A shooting sock in blue and heather

This smart blue and heather shooting sock is a favourite of guns

This Lincolnshire-based family business – Tom Lane – has build up a reputation as a favourite among the shooting fraternity for stockings and garters. These eye-catching Oakham shooting socks (£55) are handmade in Scotland and come with garters. They are machine washable and come in a range of colours.

Hand-knitted, quick-witted shooting socks

Shooting socks that say Fast Birds, Sloe Gin on the top

Humorous but hardwearing socks

Personalised, well-made socks from Almost Unwearoutable start at £65. There’s a selection of witty tops to choose from or create your own but the website warns: ‘Please bear in mind that these are knitted for you by ladies of a certain age, we would ask you to consider whether you would say it to your grandmother before you fill in the form!’

Crafted by hand

Westley Richards hand-knitted socks in Rannoch

Westley Richards’ shooting socks are knitted by hand

It takes two weeks to hand knit Westley Richards‘ super-soft alpaca wool shooting socks. This Vaynor sock in Rannoch (£295) has a double-barrelled cuff, turned heel and grafted toe; a sublime mix of comfort and durability.

Best value shooting sock

Alain Paine's shooting socks

Decent shooting socks from Alain Paine with a small price tag

Alan Paine’s shooting socks complement their Combrook and Rutland tweeds.  A durable and cosy wool blend with have a reinforced toe at a very competitive price – £44.95.  Matching garters are available for the gents (RRP £19.95).  Available in a range of colour combinations for men and ladies.

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