Are your pearls in need of repair? Rather than letting them collect dust, learn how to repair pearls to get them looking as good as new again

Learn how to repair pearls to ensure only the best in the field are handling your jewellery. Whether your’s are in need of repair, you want them in good condition to leave in your will or you are simply curious about their value, we know best. Repairing your pearls for your daughers and your granddaughters will ensure they enjoy them as much as you did, and have them valued to avoid inadvertently leaving one family member something worthless.

The Field has plenty of expert recommendations and top tips to “make do and mend”. Learn how to repair chipped glass to enjoy your best glass without risking a cut lip. Or take our advice on how to clean piano keys. Our simple method will save you the cost of a professional cleaner, and you will never have to suffer those ugly, yellow stains again.


I have a selection of pearl necklaces inherited from family over the years or given to me as gifts. As I have four delightful granddaughters I would like to give each one a set. Some of the pearls are discoloured and some are better quality than others. I would like to find someone who could value, sort and restring them to provide four necklaces. Would you know an expert in this field?
LMW, London

Good, traditional jewellers William Hawkes & Son of Walton Street, London can not only restring pearls but can repair and remount any silver or jewellery. The staff would be happy to assess your pearls for their value and condition and then restring them appropriately with higher-value pearls being knotted between less valuable ones if desired. They would give you a quote for restringing and the whole process should take about a fortnight. Call William Hawkes & Son on 020 7589 2523. The website is