Avoid cut lips when you use your best glasses. Find out how to repair chipped glass

Knowing how to repair chipped glass is crucial with Christmas just around the corner. To get the table looking its best for the Christmas day lunch, your most treasured silver and glass is a must. But have you noticed your best glasses beginning to chip over the years? Rather than storing them out of sight or risking a cut lip on, learn how to repair chipped glass and have your old glasses looking their best once more.

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QUERY: I have a number of glasses that have developed chips in the rim. Is there a way to repair chipped glass so I can smooth them out to avoid cut lips?
RC, Devizes, Wiltshire


Glass repairing seems to be a dying trade, consequently there are few experienced glass repairers in the UK. However, Redhouse Glass Crafts at the Ruskin Centre, Stourbridge is able to offer this service. I suggest you email photographs of the damage to its expert, Richard Lamming, who will assess what is required. Basic chips can be smoothed and polished, but if there is splitting beneath or in the chip the glass will be impossible to repair. An average repair takes 15 minutes at a cost of £3.50-£4 per glass. Post photographs to Richard Lamming, Redhouse Glass Crafts, c/o Ruskin Glass Centre, Wollaston Road, Amblecote, Stourbridge DY8 4HF.