The piano is a wonderful centrepiece in a family home. Keep yours in tip-top condition with our advice on how to clean piano keys

How to clean piano keys is great to know and will keep the cost of the instrument’s maintenance down. A piano is often lovely to have in a family home with its music drifting through the rooms, whether it is children practicing their scales or adults reattempting an old favourite piece. However, when the keys turn an unattractive yellow, the instrument can become something to hide rather than the home’s focal point. Don’t shut your piano away, take our advice on how to clean piano keys yourself.

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QUERY: Over the years I have gleaned some good tips and advice from The Field and wondered if you might be able to help with information on how to remove unsightly yellow stains from the keys of our piano. In these tough times it seems rather excessive to have someone “in” to clean piano keys for me.
CS, Dorset


Firstly, place a thin piece of cardboard between the keys to prevent any leakage. Immediate success will depend on the age of the stains, ie how long they’ve been there, but the process can be repeated. Mix a solution of 50g bicarbonate of soda in one litre of water and apply to each key with a damp cloth or soft toothbrush. Wipe clean with a cloth dampened with plain water and buff dry with yet another clean cloth.

The stains can also be removed with a thin paste made by mixing lemon juice and salt. Rub this gently on to the keys with a finger, then wipe clean with a cloth dampened with water and buff dry.