This year the Hens N Guns are taking aim at cancer. Bang, bang...

The hens and guns naked charity calendar 2016 is a popular choice with those who choose banging over bucking. For the equine inclined the Old Berks Hunt naked charity calendar is the go-to option this year.

Last year the inaugural Hens N Guns naked charity calendar caused quite a stir. Some of the Dorset based hens had been part of the Dorset Game Birds, set up in 2006, but went on to form a smaller, more intimiate group. The hens clay shoot, game shoot and train their dogs for the field, as well as pursue any other sporting opportunities that come their way. They also hold an annual clay shoot to raise money for charity at the Bloxham Estate.

Having raised over £4000 for pancreatic cancer last year, when one of last year’s Hens was diagnosed with colon cancer the decision was made to donate funds raised from this year’s Hens and Guns naked charity calendar 2016 to the bowel and colon cancer ward at Poole Hospital, where she was successfully treated.

The Field has contributed to the cause. To order or contribute to the cause contact

Calendars are £13 incl p&p where available.


The Hens N Guns naked charity calendar 2015 was the idea of photographer Mark Harris. After the death of Mark’s uncle Richard from pancreatic cancer earlier in the year, the suggestion of a female friend set him on the path to creating the Hens N Guns naked charity calendar to raise funds.


As Mark explained in the letter he sent out to prospective participants in the naked charity calendar:

As well as being a keen hunter and diver, I have played with cameras for years. I have mainly taken photos of wildlife, both on land and underwater. At the suggestion of another female friend and hunter, I decided to shoot the Hens N Guns naked charity calendar. My reasons started simply enough. To raise money for cancer research, and hopefully to have a lot of fun in the process. It seems not a year goes by that I don’t hear of a good friend or family member struck down with this disease.

I soon realised that most of the calendars calendars I have seen use stereotype “skinny” models. Rarely do I see a “real” natural woman that has not been airbrushed to within an inch of becoming a cartoon character. I wanted to do something different!

And so he decided to use ladies that shoot as his theme for the naked charity calendar. Country girls, and those involved in fieldsports and generally sanguine about disrobing for a good cause.

But the Hens were a little reluctant at first. “You will normally find them in warm shooting clothes, and covered in no small amount of mud, blood or dogs” says Harris. “Most were nervous, suspicious, and generally uncomfortable being nude. They each had the chance to say no. They also had the opportunity to withdraw their photos if they didn’t like them. Not one of them has! How great to see them looking stunning, nude, and confident in nature!”

They duly did and the Hens N Guns maked charity calendar 2015 was created.