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Storm force winds and high tides Aberystwyth promenade and beach Ceredigion January 2007 UK

Predict the weather using countryside folklore

Anticipating how to predict the weather has been a principal concern of man since he crawled out of the swamp and will, no doubt, continue to be an obsession until…

If I Ruled The World

Tracey Worcester: If I ruled the world

With the world teetering on the edge of ecological collapse, I was invited to rule. By putting the health and well-being of humanity, nature and future generations at the forefront…

If I Ruled The World

If Ruled The World: Max Hastings

I have loved history, especially English history, all my life. Today, however, this noble study has sunk into decay, thanks to dreary teaching and a politically correct exam syllabus that the…


Colman’s Mustard celebrates its bicentenary

On 30 April 1814, a flour miller called Jeremiah Colman placed an advertisement in the Norfolk Chronicle. It ran: “JEREMIAH COLMAN, Having taken the Stock & Trade lately carried on…

The Easter bunny

Easter and Eostre

IN AD 595, Pope Gregory sent a mission of 40 monks led by a Benedictine called Augustine, prior of St Andrew’s monastery in Rome (and later the first Archbishop of…

Luxury bags for men: The Merchant Fox Dart oak-bark tanned leather bag

Luxury: Bags for men

Start 2014 with style. There are some excellent choices from exceptional companies when it comes to shifting your stuff around town. The Field reveals the best luxury bags for men.

Davos - cresta run

The Cresta Run

The Cresta Run is the grandfather of today's Winter Olympics.

The Country House library

The library, back in fashion

Book collection is enjoying a revival, and a well-stocked and handsome library remains a mark of a gentleman's residence