Your hunting bucket list should definitely contain the following five things.


Here’s a hunting bucket list. Five things that anyone who rides to hounds should endeavour to do before the bucket is inevitably kicked. For those of a more piscatorial bent look to The Field’s 5 things to add to your fishing bucket list for inspiration.


  1. Finish the members’ race at a point-to-point
    If the season is going well and you have something that crosses country just that bit better (or faster) than the others, then get yourself racing fit (the stirrup length is the killer), obtain your Riders’ Qualification Certificate and make sure you’ve been seen out with hounds at least four times. Then it’s all eyes on the prize and the finishing post.
  2. Finish with hounds
    There is a special camaraderie when hacking back in the gloaming with hounds after a good hunt. There is no other experience like it. Find details of your local pack in Baily’s, which is now online.
  3. Own a leg of a racehorse
    The sport of kings is available to anyone – just join one of the many syndicates. Having your own leg means a clutch of the best badges (Owners & Trainers) at the course, access to O&Ts stands, enclosures and parking. And you may have bought a winner.
  4. Identify hunting horn calls correctly
    Know your “gone to ground” from your “gone away”. The only way to learn to identify the calls is to listen to them. Hard to do out hunting, but the sabs have some uses; you’ll find clear calls and explanations on their website.
  5. Ride to hounds in Ireland
    The definitive destination for the true blue foxhunter, in Ireland hunting is in the blood. A week’s trip is often the best way to hunt with several packs, and they hunt on Sundays too. Seek out the Black & Tans and the Glaway Blazers.

And if you have managed these 5, are you brave enough to take on this