Fishing bucket list. Don't be content to simply sit on the riverbank this season. We have 5 things for the keen fisherman to add to his list.


Have a fishing bucket list? If so add these top five fishing challenges to it. And if not perhaps it is about time to start one. The fishing bucket list is here to enliven your familiar fishing patterns. Season after season our sporting lives are set, familiar beats and best fishing huts. Try something new and you will be one step nearer to the sporting man’s Valhalla.


  1. Catch a 20lb salmon in the UK
    The River Tay holds the record for the largest-ever line-caught salmon, landed in 1922 and weighing 64lb. To find out which beat is best for your attempt and when to go, try FishPal.
  2. Catch a 50lb-plus conger eel
    Watch out – they bite! It’s the British Conger Club’s Golden Jubilee in 2012, and the club is the best source of information on catching your beast. The world record for a rod-caught conger is 133lb 4oz, landed at Brixham, Devon. Also an ideal way to return a shooting invitation.
  3. Go tramping for flounders
    Fish with your feet for the common flounder or fluke in a sandy or muddy seabed. The World Championships have ended but you can still enjoy this estuary pastime, the spiritual home of which is Palnackie in Scotland.
  4. Grand slam at permit, tarpon and bonefish
    You will find all three saltwater species off the coast of Florida, in the Bahamas and in South America, making for perfect holiday sport. Thrilling to catch on the fly, a hat trick is certain to impress. Permit can be the hardest, so go when they’re at their best: April, May, June.
  5. Catch a fish with a fly you have tied yourself
    The thrill of bringing in a fish is doubled when you have tied the fly yourself. Nimble fingers are needed to master the skill. Take advice from our feature on salmon flies and fly tying.