These vet students from Sydney adopted standard British countryside fund-raising habits for their Under the Overalls naked charity calendar

The Under the Overalls naked charity calendar is a little different from the usual comely country beauties raising money for charity. They come from the land Down Under. But sneak in to The Field’s collectionof naked charity calendars as members of the commonwealth. They are in jolly company…

The naked charity calendars that have graced the pages of The Field recently have had one thing in common. Not the bonny embonpoints but the very Britishness of them all. After all pants down, trousers off disrobing is a habit that those who live surrounded by fields and animals take to with zeal. If you ever worry about moving to the country and settling in your stall, the ability to strip and jump into the nearest body of water is a thoroughly useful skill to possess.

However, the Aussies are just as game. The sold out Under the Overalls calendar is a tip top example of the southern hemisphere’s joy de vivre.


The vet students from Sydney featured in the Under the Overalls naked charity calendar stripped and clutched at rather lucky animals to raise money to support greyhound adoption at Greyhound Rescue New South Wales.

Greyhound Rescue was set up to find homes for the many greyhounds surplus to requirements of the Racing Industry and launched this website in 2009. In that time we have found homes for more than 600 greyhounds which otherwise would not have had a life after finishing their racing career or failing to start one.

It is based on Sydney’s North Shore and is run by Peter and Janet, a retired couple, who have worked in dog rescue for many years and devoted their attention to Greyhounds in particular for the past nine years. More recently a number of volunteers have joined us and have added hard work and imagination to help the greyhounds.

Although the calendar is now sold out The Field has contributed to the cause.