A flask at the hip keeps every sporting man happy. For the traditionalist a glass and leather flask is required.

One of the best hip flasks is a combination glass and leather hip flask. Glass is not only more stylish, but kinder on the taste buds, also, clutching a leather vessel makes swiggin somewhat easier. But be warned, they do break more easily.

In order to keep the glass and leather hip flask in tip top condition, view our top tips on how to clean your hip flask. If you are tired of your current hip flask and keen to upgrade it, have a look at our list of the best hip flasks for inspiration.

QUERY: I have been trying to find a hip-flask with a combined glass but so far have not had any success. I saw one in an advertisement in The Field for the Hip-Flask Championships but haven’t been able to track one down. SL, by email



The Field recommends where you can buy yourself a glass and leather hip flask.

A Hunting Vintage in Great Torrington, Devon specialises in old hunting attire and where possible uses local suppliers for replacement items or repairs. Check out its website www.huntingvintage.co.uk for a kidney-shaped hip flask with a black leather cover and pewter drinking cup for £55. Stock changes regularly so it would be worthwhile to call 0843 289 9173 to check availability. Alternatively, try Manfred Schotten Antiques in Burford, Oxfordshire. If you are unable to visit the shop look online at www.sportantiques.co.uk where you will find two silver-plated gentleman’s hip-flasks by James Dixon, the tops covered in leather and with
a plated drinking cup on the base. Prices are £120 and £145. Tel 01993 822302; email admin@schotten.com.

Once you have purchased your brand new glass and leather hip flask and you’re ready for Wimbledon, take inspiration from the latest edition of The Field, and step outside…