We help a reader with with tips on how to repair chipped glasses to give some much-loved pair of tumblers a new lease of life



I have some chipped glasses: William Yeoward tumblers I was lucky enough to be given by a son. Unfortunately, despite not using them often or putting them in the dishwasher, quite a few now have little chips on the rim. Can you recommend someone to chamfer/grind these chips away and repair them?


Wilkinson, based in Sittingbourne in Kent, are experts in glass. It is not uncommon for glasses with chips to require the rim to be ground down, although this can reduce the height slightly. However, Wilkinson tries to ensure this is minimal. The firm suggests emailing photographs of your chipped glasses to repairs@wilkinson-ltd.com. Hopefully, from these it will be able to advise on the best option for repair and the cost involved. Alternatively, call 01795 830000. To help protect precious glasses, always wash them by hand and avoid extremes of heat. For example, don’t put an ice-cold liquid in a glass still warm from having been recently washed.

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