Drinking from cloudy glasses can take the shine off enjoying a favourite tipple. We tell you how to make your glassware gleam.

A Field reader contacted us to ask how to restore the shine to cloudy glasses. Over time, hard deposits, such as limescale, can build up causing clouding or white spots to appear. Clear vinegar and light abrasion can sometimes help restore the sparkle. However,  if this fails – or the glassware is particularly delicate or valuable – professional help might be required.

Wilkinson chandelier and glass repairers have over 70 years’ experience of manufacturing and restoring glass. The company can mechanically polish glasses to remove the cloudy layer. For more information, call 01795 830000. The company advises not putting glasses in the dishwasher. Washing and drying thoroughly by hand not only reduces the risk of breakages but will help keep glasses sparkling for longer.

Depending on the level of discolouration, some Field readers have found acetone solvent can clean some cloudy glassware. It is available at most chemists, including Boots.

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