Magpies can be difficult to deter as they are a dominant species.

Magpies don’t like reflecting light, so hanging CDs or plastic bottles half-full of water can deter them.

Alternatively, try the Guard’N Eyes Balloon Scarecrow from Dazer, which is used by wildlife sanctuaries to deter predatory birds, including magpies.


It can also be used in domestic gardens and to protect fish ponds and free-range hens from predatory birds and magpies.

It is made of strong, yellow vinyl with a large eye pattern round the circumference. It inflates to approximately 22in and is supplied with a hanging thread and streamer tail for £15 incl p&p.

This predatory bird adn magpie scarer was featured on the BBC’s Eureka programme.

Send a cheque payable to Dazer UK to Dazer UK at 16 Thorpe Meadows, Peterborough PE3 6GA.

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