Follow The Field's top tips on how to remove stains on an Aga, if a stubborn mark is refuses to disappear...

Is a stain proving a pain? There is nothing worse than pesky marks that just won't disappear, find out how to remove stains on an Aga

Is a stain proving a pain? As the staple in a country home, it’s likely that the beloved Aga will suffer a few stubborn stains, seemingly impossible to move on. Though this is no reason to accept that it will never look new again. Follow The Field’s advice on how to remove stains on an Aga.

Once you have removed those pesky stains on the Aga, it is the opportune time to test it out with some new recipes. These could include trying the 7 best recipes for cleaning the freezer or as it’s the racing season perhaps learn how to make the ultimate point-to-point picnic.


A pan of milk on the hotplate of our cream Aga did a Vesuvius impression. The resulting froth instantly burnt on to the doors and front plate. I have tried bleach and other solvents to remove the mess but to no avail – the brown stains are a little faded but still remain. Can you suggest something that works so that my wife will talk to me again?

MJD, Lifton, Devon

Easy-do Products has heaps of experience in this area. It makes two products which have been carefully designed for ceramic and halogen hobs but have also proved to be good-quality, effective enamel cleaners. The Easy-do Cleaner Conditioner will clean, polish and protect the surface of the enamel. Spillages can be difficult to remove as they burn on to the hot surface but in these products the combination of natural abrasives and detergents results in a powerful cleaning cream. For the removal of burnt-on deposits as well as salt and mineral stains use Easy-do Hobcare Power Cleanser. The powder requires mixing with water to form a paste before application and it is recommended for use once or twice a week, followed with the Cleaner Conditioner. These items can be bought online: £6.75 for the cleanser, £6.95 for the conditioner and £2.70 for a scraper. Call 01889 576684 or visit