We are currently providing a facility whereby readers of THE FIELD can notify each other when they have back issues they require or have available to give away.

If you have a collection of back issues, simply email us at sarah_fitzpatrick@ipcmedia.com with the following information:

Your name
Your contact details (phone or email as preferred)
The issues you have available to give away or are looking for


My father, Leslie Radcliffe (L.N. Radcliffe) (also known as L.N. Cohen, prior to 1937) was an employee at the Field between 1934 and 1939. He is to be 90 on September 8th this year and I am compiling a ‘This is your life’ type party for him. I am hoping that you might know of where I could find a back copy from these years – preferably with one of his articles in. He wrote about cars, amongst other things. My name is Vicki Dawson, my email is vicki@cmc2change.com and my telephone number is 0161 442 6669.


If anyone has an issue of The Field dating from January 1905 (yes, I know it’s a long shot) that I could have or borrow then I would be very interested to hear from them. I am interested in a particular entry which is an advertisement of the entire stock of the Menagerie at Vaynol Park in North Wales. It was being sold by the Vaynol Estate after Mr Duff Assheton Smith’s death and may feature a contact name V.P Lort. Please contact me at katiewithersby@hotmail.com