Use this in our devilled pheasant recipe

Devilling means covering the meat with spices and flavours before cooking. This devilled pheasant recipe opts for ginger, curry powder and mustard powder

The Top 10 best pheasant recipes need the right game to start with...

The pheasant Normandy recipe is a classic. And if you have a bottle of Calvados in the house then don't think twice. Splash it in and set it alight for added yumminess.

Perazzi DC side-by-side review

Perazzi is famous for its over-and-unders but this month we test the new DC (Double Caccia) detachable-lock, side-by-side. The gun weighs in at 73⁄4lb with 30in, 3in-chambered barrels. It has a single, non-selective trigger, non-auto safety (an auto version is available), fixed three-quarters and full chokes (with other constriction and…

Use pheasant, rabbit or a combination of both in this updated take on the Coronation chicken recipe. It is great for garden parties, summer suppers or even in a sandwich.