Who are the men and women who are heads above in the field? We reveal the top 50 shots of 2015.


Being a top shots is quite simple. You cannot buy a place among the hallowed few.The only real test is this. Are you truly and obviously outstanding when it comes to shooting game? The 2015 top shots fit these requirements with ease.


Editor of The Field Jonathan Young, says:

As part of that unceasing struggle for perfection that distinguishes The Field, this year’s Top Shots list attempts to place the laurel crown of immortality on those who shine in different firmaments. We have, therefore, divided the Fabled Fifty into five categories: grouse gurus; pheasant professors; all rounders; ladies (unquestionably); and the Young Bucks, by which we mean those yet to reach respectable middle age.

As ever, the FF have been selected using one harsh standard: are they truly and obviously outstanding? Our international jury has pondered long, interrogated hard and found the following make the ranks of the heaven born.

So who has made it into our Fabled Fifty top shots? Each category consists of 10 sporiting gurus who are guaranteed to be the recipients of envy and admiration in the line this season.

Young bucks. Top shots 2015. Matthew Swift

Top Shots 2015: young bucks

The Top Shots 2015 list is not the preserve of the ancient few. These young bucks prove that being just…

Ladies. Top shots 2015. Claire Zambuni

Top Shots 2015: ladies

These ladies don’t lunch, they shoot their own. And these 10 dead-eyed Dianas will wipe most men’s eyes. They make…

All rounders. Top Shots 2015. Jose Fanjul

Top Shots 2015: all rounders

Little will inch past these 10 all rounders. Whether walking up a foreshore, after high pheasants or just something feathered…

Grouse gurus. Top Shots 2015. Jonathan Kennedy

Top Shots 2015: grouse gurus

The mantle of the grouse guru rests lightly on these 10 shoulders. But they tumble birds with deadly accuracy. It…

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