The lead gunsmith at GE Fulton and Son, Robert Taylor is our best-known riflesmith.

Robert Taylor is a riflesmith and rifle-maker. So if you want to brush up your kit for big-game and make sure you don’t encounter any man-eaters without a working rifle, pay Taylor a visit. The man-eaters of Kuamon may be history, but hunting for Cape buffalo in Tanzania or going on a Cape buffalo safari in Zambia are still found at the top of people’s bucket lists. Or if you stalking rifle needs a spruce or fine tuning Taylor, again, is your man. Perhaps a historic Lee Enfield rifle has a spot in your collection. Don’t worry, Robert Taylor can take care of that too. And if you are visiting Bisley with your rifle why not take your shotgun too, to another local gunsmith on our top 10 list, Gordon Swatton.


Robert Taylor owns and is lead gunsmith at GE Fulton and Son, the Bisley gunshop for which he has worked for almost 50 years. He started at GE Fulton and Son in 1967. Taylor is one of our best-known riflesmiths and works on target and sporting weapons. He enthuses, “Waterloo to Afghanistan – our brief is incredibly varied. We see everything from historic weapons to specialist tools for domestic and international competition, not to mention many stalking and big-game rifles. The work we are best known for is related to accuracy, such as bedding, trigger and sight modification. Recently, we have also been machining stocks to accommodate detachable magazines. Re-barrelling and scope mounting are routine.” Any advice? “Yes: 90% of stalkers seem never to clean their rifles and the widespread use of moderators creates problems with condensation, often resulting in damage to the last few inches of barrel – necessitating barrel shortening or replacement.” Tel 01483 473204, email.

If you are one of those guilty stalkers take heed. Rifles as well as shotguns need maintenance.