Swatton, now based at Bisley, can tackle pretty much any job he is presented with. And finds himself on our top 10 gunsmiths list.

Gordon Swatton is a general gunsmith who now resides at Bisley. And no job will defeat him. So when it comes to the end of the season take your gun in. And while all the bits and pieces are being fitted, polished, tightened and tweeked use the time to set your head straight for the season. So if you are heading to the moor take heed of our rather effective tranche of grouse shooting information. Or just go direct to the Editor’s top 12 tips for grouse shooting. If your fun on the peg is mainly pheasant and partridge do not leave home without reading our 11 pheasant shooting tips first. It could save much embarrassment. And of course dressing correctly is essential. Just follow our guide on what to wear when shooting. And if you have a rifle that needs fine tuning visit riflesmith Robert Taylor, also based at Bisley while you are there. It will be hard to miss…


Gordon Swatton, now at William Evans at Bisley, began his gunsmithing career at Jennings & Groves on Fareham High Street. He went to Gunmark (now GMK) in 1982, became tech-nical manager and stayed for 18 years. For the past 15 years he has been at Bisley. Swatton is a man of great integrity and humour, a brilliant all-rounder capable of taking on almost anything; I know of no job that has defeated him. “We get all sorts of work: routine servicing; re-laying ribs; making and fitting mainsprings and firing pins; re-regulating and repairing ejectors. We seem to be sorting out a lot of single triggers recently,” remarks Gordon Swatton. Tel 01483 486500, email.

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