The best month to shoot depends on your preferred quarry and sporting predilections. As the seasons change the shooting landscape shifts. Which part of the season do you prefer?


The best month to shoot must be August, with the season opening and grouse shooting on the agenda. Or maybe September as the partridge skim over the hedgerows and you can stand on the peg in lightweight breeks and shooting vests. Just remember to heed our partridge shooting tips for the best day’s sport.

Some argue that October is the best month to shoot as it heralds the arrival of the doughty pheasant, and somehow the season proper seems to have begun. To excel on the new boys look at our 11 pheasant shooting tips. Autumnal mists and darkening days herald November, when the woodcock fall and shooting world is in full force. Birds are flying high. December is home to the Boxing Day shoot and family days during the festivites. Make sure you cook your kill well with the top 10 best pheasant recipes.

Come January and birds are scudding sky high, and wary from the season, the last few days on partridge and pheasant. Time to alter the challenge. Try shooting 11 different species in one day. And then February, when thoughts turn towards pigeon and pests. For advice from the legend watch this video: pigeon shooting with Archie Coats.

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Vote in our poll and let us know which you think is the best month to shoot.

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