Does your shooting bucketlist contain these 11 things? If not it should. Start now.


This shooting bucketlist will raise a shiver of excitement in all those who love to brandish their barrels. If you tick these off can you declare yourself a true Fielder? Not without dashing off the 5 things to add to your fishing bucketlist and 5 things to add to your hunting bucketlist too.


  1. Own a London sidelock
    You may need to mortgage your house before investing in a bespoke side-by-side from a traditional gunmaker, but view it as an investment, and a bucketlist cert.
  2. Bag more than 100 pigeon in a day
    Scoring a century at this brilliantly sporting bird takes accuracy, skill and some luck. Make your attempt in May and June with a top guide, such as Phil Beasley, to show you the ropes.
  3. Make The FIELD’s top shots list
    Take account of fieldcraft and not just numbers and you will be halfway there. Alternatively, be born a Percy. To nominate a truly exceptional shot, contact The Field’s secretary.
  4. Shoot a perfect centre at Stickledown Range, Bisley
    The target looks tiny at 1,200yd, so boost your chances with some coaching in long-range shooting from the National Rifle Association of the UK, or take the WMS Steel Challenge.
  5. Shoot a foreshore grey goose
    Your best chance is on the east coast. BASC members can visit the foreshore courtesy of the BASC Wildfowling Permit Scheme. A booklet, giving the details, is free from BASC.
  6. Have a day at true, wild English partridges
    Little can compare to a day on true, wild greys. The Duke of Norfolk’s Peppering shoot at Arundel is the ultimate venue for the grey aficionados. At present, one day a year is let.
  7. Bag a Right-and-left at woodcock
    The only way you can join the Shooting Times Woodcock Club is to bag a right-and-left of these elusive birds. Wait for the first falls in late October and early November, then head north-east. Season: 1 October to 31 January.
  8. Flight sandgrouse
    These lagopus-like birds make exciting shooting and are good to eat. Season: 1 September to end October and 1 January to end of February.
  9. Shoot grouse on the Twelfth
    Whether walked-up or driven, the only way to celebrate the new season is a day on the moor.
    Speak to Rob Fenwick at EJ Churchill.
  10. Shoot a royal
    The stag must have 12 points on its antlers to count as a Royal, and if you are lucky enough to bag one it should definitely be destined for a prominent perch in the hall.
  11. Shoot a British ptarmigan
    Found mostly in Scotland. The season is from12 August to 10 December.