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Purdey Trigger Plate over and under

In the very first review of the new Purdey Trigger Plate over and under, Michael Yardley is delighted by this big beast of a gun – finding it well presented…

Pair of 1930s Purdey side by sides

There are many pitfalls to avoid when looking to buy vintage shotguns, but Michael Yardley is impressed by this pair of 1930s Purdey side by sides. Fantastic, classic guns can…

Vintage Purdey side-by-sides

These vintage Purdey side-by-sides prove that fantastic, classic guns can be bought on the second-hand market and at a fraction of the price of their modern counterparts. Michael Yardley discusses…

The Purdey Woodward .410 is extraordinarily dainty

The Purdey Woodward .410 is a dainty over-and-under. At only 5lb 2oz the Purdey Woodward .410 over-and-under is one of two exciting new Purdey guns I shot recently at the West London…

Purdey 20-bore sporter review

A fine over-and-under shotgun made with Pergugini & Visini, this sporting gun is still a Purdey