The Field’s 170th anniversary special is full to the brim with features championing all that is Best of British as well as our unmissable birthday giveaway, with over £5,000 of prizes available to be won by our readers. 

We reveal the long and fascinating history of this sporting original, how the traditional and modern sporting world is represented by our specially commissioned cover and the Field characters you’ll spot on the London Underground – which one are you?

Michael Yardley advises game shots on how best to tackle clays while Mary Skipwith explains the true value of having a loader by your side. Nigel Ling traces the footsteps of the eminent fishing writer and past Field fishing editor HT Sheringham along the Thames and we discover how the English setter is the perfect field companion in the age of sustainability. Rory Knight Bruce talks to the artists who are not only inspired by the chase but cross country after hounds too.

Simon Scott explains the thrill of hillclimbing (in cars, not on foot) and Tessa Waugh investigates the rise of English whisky. Amanda Morison meets the artisans whose traditional skills are playing a starring role in the film industry and we visit the quirky venues where real tennis is played. 

It is the 65th Game Fair at Ragley Hall this year, and there is a special Field ticket offer including free premium parking for those keen to attend. Our guide to everything happening over the weekend showcases this annual gathering of the countryside. 

That, and much, much more…