Former cavalry officer, Ewen Cameron, and serving Major, Neil Cross, are setting off on their unusual 415 mile

journey from London to Edinburgh in aid of Combat Stress and the

Light Dragoons Colonel’s Appeal. The Great North Ride begins on Friday 25th March. They will ride a succession of 160 horses over four days. This is an epic and exhausting journey. The longest competitive endurance riding event in the UK is a one day

ride of only 100 miles.

They will be trotting up minor roads and where possible, cantering up

green lanes and bridleways and changing horses without

dismounting. Their journey will take them the length of England north of

London and through the Scottish Borders to Edinburgh.

The Great North Ride aims to raise funds for two different but

complementary military charities; Combat Stress and the Light Dragoons

Colonel’s Appeal.

Combat Stress is the UK’s leading military charity specialising in the

care of Veterans’ mental health and is currently working with over 4,600

Veterans across the UK. The charity launched The Enemy Within Appeal

last year which aims to raise awareness and improve care for Veterans

with wounded minds.

The Light Dragoons Colonel’s Appeal, provides support to Light Dragoons

wounded on operations or in regimental service and also supports the

families of those killed in the line of duty.

This Great North Ride for noble causes has ‘noble’ historical roots. Following the

death of Queen Elizabeth I in 1603, Sir Robert Carey rode from London to

Edinburgh to give the news to her heir, James VI of Scotland, carrying

with him as proof a blue sapphire ring, thrown to him by one of the

Queen’s ladies-in-Waiting, Lady Scrope.

Sir Robert’s journey led to the unification of the English and Scottish

thrones and 408 years later Ewen and Neil will be following in Sir

Robert’s footsteps, complete with a blue ring*, provided by Ms Rozzie

Scrope, a descendant of the Queens’s lady-in-waiting.

The Prince of Wales has written a letter of support to the riders to

congratulate them on undertaking an unusual endeavor to raise money for a

worthy cause.

His Royal Highness said;

“This is one of those rare challenges that with the advance of time and

technology has not become any easier – and nor, I doubt, has the

potential problem of saddle sores”

Combat Stress Communications Manager Neil Cox said:

“We are astounded and delighted at the incredible feat that Ewen and Neil are attempting.

“Thousands of individuals like Ewen and Neil are raising awareness of

the plight of Veterans with wounded minds and we hope that the public

and politicians alike continue to support our Appeal so that Veterans

can get the support that they need, when and where they need it.”

For further information about the Great North Ride, and if you would like to donate please visit