UPDATE: 1st May 2013

The Field has cogitated, digested, got a little wobbly, but finally decided on a victor in each category.

One hip flask remedy using traditional fruits of the hedgerow, and one off-piste hip flask tot, where imaginative entries wowed the judges.

Both will be receiving a well-deserved case of Sipsmith gin or vodka.The winners wil be revealed in the July issue of the magazine, alongside a handful of exceptional highly commended hip flask tipples.

Most Country households make their own winter warmers, so we would like to invite readers to enter our inaugural Field Hip-Flask Championships. The two winners will receive a case if Sipsmith‘s finest.

See our March issue for full details of the competition and some great ideas to get you started.

There are two categories, “traditional” and “off-piste”.

 The traditional category is open to all spirit-based concoctions that use the traditional hedgerow and garden harvest, such as sloes, damsons, cherries, plums, blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries and rhubarb. A case of six bottles of Sipsmith’s gin will be sent to the winner, together with a year’s subscription to The Field.

 The off-piste category is open to modern, quicker recipes that are a fall-back in times of hedgerow famine. So, toffee, Smarties and chocolate vodkas, marmalade and elderflower gins and pretty much anything your imagination can conjure up will be eligible here. A case of six bottles of Sipsmith’s vodka will be sent to the winner, together with a year’s subscription to The Field.

 Ineligible are straight mixes, such as the Percy Special. Some degree of home concocting is essential.

 To enter, send a small mineral bottle of your brew (non-leaking), stating what it is, how old it is, your name and address, and your recipe for making it to Alexandra Henton at The Field’s offices. The entries will be judged by a panel of expert tasters from Decanter, our sister itle and the world’s leading wine-media brand, with helpful asides from The Field staff.

 Closing date for entries is 15 April 2013 and the winners, together with the 10 best recipes submitted, will be featured in our July Game Fair issue. Alas, we cannot return any of the entries as (and you have probably guessed this bit) they will have been sacrificed during the judging.

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