We are truly thankful for great shooting days, but how do you repay your host's largess? The Field assesses some suitable alternative invitations

The sporting world throngs with kind hosts who quietly follow that counsel found in the Acts of the Apostles: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Given God undoubtedly loves his tweedy flock, we trust these generous souls will find heaven crowded with celestial grouse moors and ambrosial chalkstreams.


But that isn’t quite enough to ease the conscience of those of us on the receiving end of their munificence, especially as we’re all too aware that a 100-bird lowland driven day now costs around £3,500. So, how does one repay shooting invitations?
The answer is to give your benefactor a different kind of experience, one that is memorable but can be covered by the pocket money that remains at our disposal once we’ve been mugged by the taxman. Here are our suggestions.