Popping pigeon can be as challenging as shooting grouse, so give the grey grouse a go


Many experienced shots consider the pigeon to be the equal of most gamebirds, which is why we all remember the woodpigeon shot on driven days.

But despite its abundance, it’s hard to make a decent bag. No matter how good your fieldcraft, pigeon are fastidious feeders and tracking them down in shootable numbers requires extensive reconnaissance over considerable acreages.

That’s why an experienced pigeon guide can be such good value.

Prices vary but work out around £2 per pigeon killed, making a 100-bird day a bargain compared to game. Philip Beasley, based in Oxfordshire, has been guiding for more than 35 years and has the crop protection over 150,000 hectares, so he should be able to find a bird or two. He charges from £70 a day, according to the level of service.

Philip Beasley, tel 01869 278946