Not-for-profit company Wild and Game has released a self-isolation frozen game food pack, providing two weeks of game dinners for just £25

Wild and Game, the not-for-profit company renowned for putting game twists on favourite British suppers, has released a frozen game food pack for those in self-isolation. The pack costs just £25 and provides 14 days of dinners.

Order the pack from Wild and Game’s website by CLICKING ON THIS LINK. Or call 0800 433 4334 and quote the code WG0150.

If you have freezer full of your own game, follow The Field’s top 10 best pheasant recipes for our favourite home-cooked suppers.


Wild and Game have released a frozen game food pack for those in self-isolation. Each pack is only £25, provides 14 days of suppers and is delivered directly to your door.

The frozen game food pack contains TWO EACH of:

  • Steak and pheasant peppercorn pie
  • Pheasant chilli with cheesy mash topped pie
  • Pheasant cottage pie
  • Country steak, pheasant and ale pasty
  • Country pheasant, chicken and mushroom pasty
  • Country pheasant and peppercorn pasty

Products arrive frozen, however they will keep in the fridge for 5 days if freezer space is limited.

Steven Frampton, co-founder of Wild and Game said: “The UK has found itself in an unprecedented situation and we recognise that as a retailer of frozen food we are able to offer something for the many people who are self-isolating. We’ve put together this cut-price pack with the aim of helping people to avoid supermarkets by having Wild and Game products delivered straight to the door. We hope we will be making self-isolation less of an ordeal by making mealtimes enjoyable.”


Founded just two and a half years ago, Wild and Game took no time at all to convert a noble aim into an impressive range of game products. Steven Frampton and Michael Cannon co-founded the not-for-profit organisation in late 2017, amid their growing concern that game was going to waste.

Frozen game food pack

Wild and Game was founded to encourage more people to eat game. Now they hope to help those who are having to self-isolate.

“We suspected that part of the problem was that many people are not sure how to cook and enjoy game,” explains Frampton. “We wanted to convert them, so we decided to recreate classic and much-loved British recipes using game to show how versatile and delicious it is.” The range includes burgers, sausages, pasties, sausages rolls and ready meals, from lasagna to curry.

“Our ultimate goal is for game to be a common sight in Britain’s supermarkets,” says Frampton. “We hope that by introducing people to game in products such as pies, pasties, sausage rolls, ready meals and burgers we can inspire them to, perhaps, start cooking with it, too.”

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