The Fishlove project was started in 2009, by the owners of Brighton restaurant MOSHIMO and actress Greta Scacchi.


Famous faces from Lizzy and Jerry Jagger to Emilia Fox and Sir Ben Kingsley are photogrpahed coupled with their fishy friends for the Fishlove project. The result is a collection of foxy arthouse images that the media are keen to use to promote a very worthy campaign.

The purpose of fishlove was to assist with the campaign to reform Europe’s Common Fisheries Policy by keeping the issue in the forefront of the media.

It is essential that we support the Fishlove initiative as scientists predict that by the marine life could EFFECTIVELY DISAPPEAR by the middle of the century unless over-fishing is curbed.

“Europe’s fisheries are in crisis. Too many fishing boats are chasing
too few fish. Earlier this year, new EU laws were agreed that could help
fish stocks recover, and secure jobs and income for the fishing

“On the 23rd of October, the European Parliament will vote on EU
subsidies that could either support or undermine these laws and the
sustainability of Europe’s fishing industry”.



The Fishlove project is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company.

If you would like to help Fishlove in any way, or if you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us on