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This 20-bore (lot 1610) was commissioned for the Safari Club International fund raising auction at their 2007 convention and is a delightful little gun.

As the first Fabbri made with its action built from a single billet of titanium alloy this was a ground breaker, following extensive development work. The ‘colour-hardening’ was enhanced by being hard-anodised in a process reported to involve Cocoa-Cola.

The high relief engraving, by Peli, is especially fine with scrolling floral and foliate arabesques on a finely matted background. The gun is sold in its oak and leather case with all accessories.

Specifications: weight, 5lb. 10oz. 29in nitro barrels with raised solid top-rips. 2 3/4in chambers. Bored approx 1/2 and 3/4 choke. Manual safety. 14 3/8in highly-figured stock.