Help The Country Food Trust provide 250,000 meals to those in need. We urge all country people to donate to this cause.


Each and every one of us will be affected by coronavirus, whether through our family and friends, the enforced self-isolation, or the adjustments to our working lives and abillity to buy food. It is a time when the country community will unite.

That is why The Field has chosen to support The Country Food Trust’s Coronavirus Appeal.


The Country Food Trust was set up to provide food to people in need and has provided nearly 700,000 meals since inception. Today we have managed to secure the meat and production time this April to produce an additional 100,000 pouches of our pheasant curry and casserole. We have also sourced a variety of other frozen meats which we can deliver directly to the charities we support. This will help them cope with the chronic food shortages they are experiencing at the moment.

However, we need funds in order to make this production run happen. So, today we are launching our Coronavirus Appeal to help us provide an additional 250,000 meals to those in the UK who find themselves in significant difficulties.

If you can help then please give generously on our virgin money page or by donating directly using BACS.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic a growing number of us are for the first time in our lives experiencing the fear of food insecurity. This is a fear that is constantly present for all of the people that we feed throughout the UK not because there is no food but because they are unable to afford it.

Many individuals have already kindly donated, and we are very grateful that The Field has agreed to promote this appeal fully. They have also kindly made a donation.

Thank you for helping us make a difference to those who are most vulnerable and in need at this time.

Tim Woodward, CEO The Country Food Trust

Delivering The Country Food Trust meals out to the people who need it

Editor Jonathan Young, says:

“In these strange times we’re lucky enough to be part of a rural community that has always pulled together. The Country Food Trust is moving quickly to provide highly nutritious meals to those who might be in real trouble and we urge all country people to donate to this cause.”

In these trying times it is now that the spirit of rural community wil come to the fore. Do SHARE this appeal, and help make a difference.