The original exhibition of fly fishing cinema is set to return to the UK. The 2016 One Fly Festival is set to roll into town this April, along with the annual fishy film treat, the Fly Fishing Film Tour


The 2016 One Fly Festival is set to arrive in the UK on the 21 April for one night only with the Fly Fishing Film Tour premiering the best fly fishing cinema made this year. From the deep Atlantic to British Columbia and Patagonia, the notable characters, unique storylines and unparalleled fishing in these films will lead you on an adventure around the globe.

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The 2016 One Fly Festival rolls into town in April along with that annual cinematic piscatorial treat the Fly Fishing Film Tour. Over the past two years a packed audience at The Grosvenor Hotel have enjoyed an evening of six action films shot at the world’s most beautiful locations.

This year promises to be no different, with hardly any continent untouched. Record brook trout in Patagonia, marlin in the deep Atlantic, arapaima in Guyana, cutties in Montana, bears and steelhead in British Columbia, guides getting competitive on the River Test and big bones in the India Ocean is just some of what the 2016 One Fly Festival has in store.

As the 2016 One Fly Festival founder and director Simon Cooper says, ‘If this doesn’t make you get out fishing, nothing will!’

Simon Cooper relates how the F3TUK came to British Shores: ‘I kept hearing stories of this amazing film night that was playing all across American to packed houses; 80,000 avid anglers watching the best short films from around the globe. A celebration of everything that is exciting and exhilarating about fly fishing. I managed to snare a demo DVD and I was hooked – I had to bring the show over here.

Of course some of the films aren’t strictly relevant to us, so I re-edit the show picking the seven short films (5-15 minutes each) that I like best. I also do a little research to provide some insights into what is about to be shown as some of the filmmakers are personal friends so I know the effort (and sometimes heartache) that goes into the making. In fact, you will see, some of the extremes they go to get ‘the shot’ are positively dangerous.

2016 One Fly Festival. Village

The 2016 One Fly Festival will be held at The Grosvenor Hotel in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

I have also made sure that there is a distinct British edge, as I commission UK filmmaker Matt Dunkinson to make a special film from the chalkstreams. Last year Matt received a standing ovation – I ‘m sure that his short film this year entitled ‘Guides Day’ will be equally enthusiastically received.’

This will be the third annual showing of F3TUK and only UK showing.


Thursday 21 April
Tickets are £15 in advance. Doors open 7pm. Show starts 7.30pm.
The Grosvenor Hotel, High Street, Stockbridge. Hampshire SO20 6EU.
Tickets and details 01264 781988. Watch the trailers at