The Ancient Tree Forum safeguards ancient trees. It brings enthusiasts together to:
•champion protection of ancient trees;
•promote good management and conservation practice;
•increase awareness and enjoyment of ancient trees;
•encourage research.

Events are organised across the UK; everyone is welcome.
The Ancient Tree Hunt is a nationwide search to map all the fat, old trees in the realm. They are part of our cultural heritage and have a vast ecological value: start recording right now on the website.
The Ancient Tree Forum, c/o Woodland Trust, Autumn Park, Grantham NG32 6LL, tel 01476 581135, visit the website.


A registered charity, the Tree Council is lobbying for a National List of Trees of Special Interest
to secure their future. It runs a “Walk in the Woods” festival in May and a “Seed Gathering Season” in the autumn. As an umbrella body for 150 organisations working for trees, the Council co-ordinates a
nationwide Tree Warden Scheme for active volunteers who champion, conserve and enhance their communities’ trees and woods: 71 Newcomen Street, London SE1 1YT, tel 020 7407 9992, visit the website.