A timeless wardrobe staple suitable for all manner of country pursuits. Find out where to find the perfect corduroy trousers

Suiting all social occasions from the field to Fulham, a true country gentleman knows the importance of owning a good pair of corduroy trousers. Their warmth and durability have seen these trousers have weather the elements and earn themselves a permanent place in the countryman’s wardrobe. Corduroy first became popular in England and France during the 17th century; at the time it was named ‘cord of the King’ as Royal servant’s uniforms were fashioned from it. These days it is available in a range of colours and weights however The Field has found out where to find the perfect corduroy trousers.

Now that you have found out where to find the perfect corduroy trousers, do not let shoddy footwear spoil your outfit. Why not consider a pair of luxury dress slippers for the english gentleman. But for traditionalists The Field has found the best brogues, which to wear and where to find them. Armed with this knowledge you should now be aware of what a gentleman should wear.

Where to find the perfect corduroy trousers

 I have been trying to purchase high-backed brown corduroy trousers for some time without success. Can you advise where such practical garments can be acquired?

PS, Bangor, Co Down

High-backed corduroy trousers (pictured) can be found at David Saxby. They are from an original Twenties tailor-and-cutter pattern and have the classic fishtail back with brace buttons on the outside which keep the trousers close to the body. They are made to order in 20 different colours from 460g corduroy and in six different colours from 560g corduroy, which is extremely strong and hard-wearing. For further details call 020 7610 6638 or visit www.davidsaxby.co.uk. Fishtail back corduroys are also available from Tails and the Unexpected. They come in five colours in 470g corduroy. They are priced at £135 plus postage. Trousers are left unfinished at an overall length of 39in. Call 029 2070 4499 or visit www.tailsandtheunexpected.co.uk.