Volunteers and owners are going sans garments for greyhounds. The Naked Truth Dunrunnin Rehoming Kennels 2020 Calendar is not only raising funds - but dispelling myths, too

A group of sporting owners and voluteers have gone sans garments for greyhounds. And as well as raising funds, they are dispelling a few myths about the breed, too. Pencil in your dates, support a cracking cause and learn a thing or two, with The Naked Truth Dunrunnin Rehoming Kennels 2020 calendar.

Whether its vet students shedding their overalls or the hunting crowd going bareback, the sporting and scantily clad can be relied upon to raise funds for cracking causes. Pencil in your dates with The Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly 2020 Brave and Beautiful Calendar, and help raise breast cancer awareness in the South West.


Brand new this year, this game group of owners and volunteers are off to a flying start. The Naked Truth Dunrunnin Rehoming Kennels 2020 calendar is raising funds for ex-racing greyhounds awaiting their forever homes. Plus, it is dispelling a few myths about this fantastic breed along the way.

Each month features a successfully rehomed greyhound and their scantily clad owner, or one at the kennels and awaiting their forever home. Plus the calendar includes many fun facts about the breed. Did you know that greyhounds have 270 vision – and can see some of the back of their heads? Or that they often have a negative blood type, making them universal donors?

“I had the idea of the calendar last November after seeing how hard the kennels and volunteers works at raising much needed funding to care for the ex-racing greyhounds,” said Melanie Hyde. “But the kennels are an old concrete block with no heating, concrete floors and a leaking roof and funds raised are needed for food bills, vet bills, bedding – particularly warm bedding through our cold and damp winters and general daily care.”

“Some lucky hounds re-home quickly, but not all are so lucky and there are long stayers who require all their needs funding whilst living at Dunrunnin and money is needed to buy these hounds time, time to find their retirement family.”

Every single penny raised from the calendar will go towards Dunrunnin, and the glorious greyhounds residing there.

Find out more about Dunrunnin Rehoming Kennels and make a donation, visit their website. The Field has contributed to the cause.