Pencil in your dates and support a super cause at the same time, with the Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly 2020 Brave and Beautiful Calendar

Country types are reliably charitiable sorts. Vet students are known to shed their overalls for noble causes and the hunting crowd have been keeping the air ambulance in flight for years by going bareback (and front). And now for 2020, a group of brave ladies with big hearts and a few battle scars have created the Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly 2020 Brave and Beautiful Calendar to raise money for the Mermaid Centre Truro. And one of the stars is Sheila Tiball, wife of the head gamekeeper at Caerhays Castle Estate.

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The new Brave and Beautiful Calendar is an example of sporting sorts pulling together for a super cause. By connecting the islands with the mainland, the calendar aims to connect ladies in isolated and rural areas. Plus, the calendar aims to encourage ladies in Cornwall, the Isles of Scilly and beyond to stay breast cancer aware and attend routine mammograms.

With big hearts and a few battle scars, every lady featured in the calendar has been affected by breast cancer. Whether for diagnosis, treatment or family history and genetic testing, all have attended the Mermaid Centre in Truro. The proceeds from the calendar will go towards supporting the Mermaid Centre.

The Mermaid Centre treats over 12,000 women every year for breast cancer and it is the largest breast screening unit in the South West. It is also one of only a few units in the country offering oncoplastic surgery. The Mermaid Centre also monitors patients with a family history that are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer, especially in younger women.


Sheila Tidball, wife of the head gamekeeper of Caerhays Castle Estate, appears in the November month of the calendar.

“Following a routine mammogram in September 2017 at the age of 58, I was called a week later for a further mammogram which led to 2 core biopsies at The Mermaid Centre Truro. 6 days later, on October 4th, I received the devastating news of Invasive Lobular Cancer, ” says Sheila. “A subsequent MRI scan confirmed the 2 small tumours, but also an indeterminate area and had to return for further core biopsies. Unfortunately, a third tumour!”

“Successful Therapeutic Mastopexy Surgery followed on November 16th and returning home 36 hours later. My husband Philip, was preparing for one of his biggest shoot days in 30 years at Caerhays Castle Estate the following day, and found it very hard trying to cope with the unknown.

“21 days later, I was back out on shoot days, obviously taking things very steady by just walking with the beaters to build up my strength. The support from guns, beaters and the all the team made a huge difference to my recovery mentally!

“December 1st appointment gave me the all clear, but I had to return to the Sunrise Centre the following February every day for radiotherapy. Deepest thanks to my wonderful surgeon Mr Iain Brown, Dr Jenny Williams, and all their team at The Mermaid Centre for their expertise and care.

“Just as I was receiving my 1 year check up, I had a message from one of my best and longest friends Liz, saying that her routine mammogram and core biopsies was also confirming the devastating news of breast cancer.

“Whilst receiving her radiotherapy treatment and trying to recuperate in February this year, she had an idea to raise awareness and to raise funds for The Mermaid Centre, by producing a Cornwall & The Isles of Scilly 2020 Brave and Beautiful Calendar, and wanted me to be her November month. I didn’t have to think about it!”


“The Bravo Rally 2020 is to follow in May 2020, where an all female affair will be driving up to 10 Minis from Cornwall to the Greek Islands, connecting ladies in isolated and rural communities together,” says Sheila. Visit for more information.

“I would like to thank my sponsors, Charles and Lizzie Williams, of Caerhays Castle Estate, Sportsman Game Feed and Andy Phillips of Game & Country SW Ltd.

“Special thanks to my wonderful family and of course my beautiful little grandchildren who helped me smile and forget the pain of major surgery. Our very busy lives helped me put my fears behind me and I enjoy living a healthy and happy life. I have just celebrated my 60th birthday in style!”

To find out more about the Bravo Rally 2020 and to buy the Brave and Beautiful calendar click on THIS link.