Prepare for the season properly with this simple exercise to strengthen your shooting arm - no gym membership required


The gun may be safely stowed away until the Twelfth, but you can strengthen your shooting arm ahead of the season without it. Follow our simple exercises and you’ll reap the benefits on a long shoot day. For those with shoulder and arm injuries, doing your homework ahead of the season is even more crucial – and will ensure you will stay at the top of the game.

Many may think no further than preparing their kit for shoot day. But a few simple exercises will keep you supple for the peg. Fitness, strength and flexibility are crucial for shooting – and improving all three will only allow you to enjoy long days in the field even more. Follow our 6 easy shooting exercises: your shooting MOT to avoid become the rustiest piece of kit on the peg.


I injured my left arm last year and missed the end of the shooting season. Can you recommend some simple ways to help strengthen my arm in preparation for next season. I have no desire to join a gym.
WT, Dorset

John Heagren, chief instructor at Bisley Shooting School, recommends a gentle, five-minutes-a-day routine to help strengthen your arm. He suggests mounting a weight, preferably a bag of sugar, purely with your left arm. Also lift the sugar and point it like a gun. When you feel your arm is stronger, John recommends mounting your gun with just the left hand. He uses this technique when teaching, as it not only strengthens the arm beautifully, but helps with the control of the gun and shows that the right hand is there just to pull the trigger. As the arm gets stronger you should be able to increase the length of time you mount the gun, until it feels completely comfortable.