Whether you've injured your arm or are looking to increase your endurance, strengthening your shooting arm is always beneficial


Strengthen your shooting arm to prevent tiring before the shoot day is over. Shoulder and arm injures can be a nightmare for shooting but sticking to this short strength regime can ensure that you will stay at the top of your game. However, this routine is not only for the injured as strength is a crucial part of shooting, especially for long shoot days with a lot of action.

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I injured my left arm last year and missed the end of the shooting season. Can you recommend some simple ways to help strengthen my arm in preparation for next season. I have no desire to join a gym.
WT, Dorset

John Heagren, chief instructor at Bisley Shooting School, recommends a gentle, five-minutes-a-day routine to help strengthen your arm. He suggests mounting a weight, preferably a bag of sugar, purely with your left arm. Also lift the sugar and point it like a gun. When you feel your arm is stronger, John recommends mounting your gun with just the left hand. He uses this technique when teaching, as it not only strengthens the arm beautifully, but helps with the control of the gun and shows that the right hand is there just to pull the trigger. As the arm gets stronger you should be able to increase the length of time you mount the gun, until it feels completely comfortable.