Puppies may be adorable, but not everyone wants the commitment and work involved in training them for the shooting field. Rehoming an older gundog is a great alternative


Rehoming an older gundog rather than aquiring a puppy is a great option if your shooting companion passes away or cannot manage another season in the field. There are always dogs in need of homes, and good gundogs may lose their master or have a owner who can no longer care for them. Rehoming an older gundog not only gives you an experienced and reliable new companion in the field, but also gives them a good home for the remainder of their lives.

Dogs’ lives are far too short, and their working lives shorter still. Having worked hard for us, they deserve a good retirement. Read David Tomlinson’s advice on gundog retirement: looking after an old dog.


My golden retriever is now 14 years old yet came shooting with me more than 20 times this season. However, I doubt he will manage another. Like him, I am getting on a bit but hope to manage a few more seasons. I would like to acquire another gundog that has been around a bit, perhaps lost his master and whose owner can’t look after him. Is this a silly idea? I have had gundogs for more than 40 years – such a dog would have a good home.
SUC, Wiltshire

Glynn Evans at BASC say this is not a silly idea as, unfortunately, dogs can need rehoming for a number of reasons. There are several organisations that assist with finding working dogs new homes and a quick search on the internet will find some of these, although there can be a waiting list, particularly for certain breeds. Evans also suggests making contact with people who are likely to be in the know, such as gundog breeders/trainers, gamekeepers and pickers-up who will be well placed to hear at an early stage that a dog may be available.