It's not just hunting, fishing or shooting folk keen to disrobe for charity. The Lady Farmers naked charity calendar is back for their 16th installment...

The farmers naked charity calendar and the Lady Farmers naked charity calendar are a well tested brace. After a brief respite last year the calendars are back with a double bang.

“Having had a year off, it has been great getting down to the nitty gritty of photographing these wonderful farmers” says photographer Nicola de Pulford, and we at The Field agree. Whether it is hoisting bales or perching on a quad bike the farmers in their fields show how it’s done in the buff. When it comes to the Lady Farmers naked charity calendar these delicate Demeters drape over walls, clasps chickens and drive tractors with equal ease.

“The Farmers Calendar is about real farmers from all over the UK, and about injecting a bit of fun into a very difficult and challenging lifestyle.  The farmers have proved time and time again that even with the restrictions placed upon them they are  fun loving and always game for a laugh, while still producing the food that appears on our plates” says de Pulford.

If you are keen to see some behind the scenes footage of the making of the Lady Farmers naked charity calendar then visit The Farmers Calendar. You can buy copies of the calendar, as well as bags and tea towels adorned with your favourite farmer too.

The Field has long considered the Lady Farmers naked charity calendar a jolly distraction. But there are also hunting ladies, the Readyfield Ladies who raised money for a good cause, and the Hens N Guns who like to shoot pestilential pigeons in the buff.

But most important, among the bosoms and the bottoms is the benefit to charity that each calendar brings. This year £1000 raised from The Farmers Calendar and The Lady Farmers Calendar will go to Help For Heroes. Never has been supporting your farmers been more frisky or more fun.