Having a reliable cartridge bag is paramount on the shooting field. The Field presents its guide to the best cartridge bags

Cartridge bags are somewhat of a necessity in driven shooting and indeed some forms of walked-up days when you are alone on a hill chasing grouse and don’t have the luxury of filling up your pockets after a drive. The Field presents its guide to the best cartridge bags.


Bridle Leather Shell Bag

best cartridge bags

A classic choice for field accessories, the Bridle Leather Shell Bag is crafted from durable bridle leather — a material known for its durability and beautiful patina that develops over time. The reinforced strap ensures the bag maintains its shape, while the spacious interior provides ample storage for 75-100 cartridges.

RRP: £640


Devonshire Leather Cartridge Bag

best cartridge bags

This quality cartridge bag is crafted from oiled tanned leather and stitched with strong, oiled thread. It will hold 100 cartridges. The leather is cut to our own pattern that gives the bottom of the bag a slight pendulum shape ensuring that the optimum quantity of cartridges are contained within a smaller bag and that they rest snugly together. This also means that there is less of a bulky box to swing against the hip and knock against arms, coats and slips. The buckles are made of metal. A final neat touch is that the bag cover is not stitched to the back of the bag but hinged around a bar hidden within the back of the case. This means that the cover will rest neatly open and not flip shut resulting in faster reloads.

RRP: £114.99


Croots Malton Bridle Leather Cartridge Bag

best cartridge bags

This cartridge bag has a 100-150 cartridge capacity which should stand you in good stead for most days out in the field. It features suede lining and also has a hinged speed-load design which allows for easy access should you need to dive your hand into it during a drive.

RRP: £365


Clyde Cartridge Bag

Perfect for a day of shooting high flying birds. It carries 75 cartridges and enables effortless access to its contents during a shoot. It has a closable leather belt strap at front to stop any overspilling and accommodates all widths with a wide shoulder strap.

RRP: £319


First appearing in Westley Richards’ catalogues of the 1930s, with many early examples still in use today, the Perfecta cartridge bag is firmly established as a much-loved essential item amongst generations of discerning shots. Designed to hold 75 12-bore cartridges, this handcrafted classic is made to the original specifications in the Westley Richards workshop from the finest veg-tanned leather. Strong and durable yet relatively light in weight due to its slim, elegant profile, you can count on the Perfecta cartridge bag for a lifetime of sporting adventures. Features include a solid brass buckle and fittings, a structured open mouth, adjustable strap and an oval that can be personalised in the font and colour of your choice.

RRP: £695



This Hicks & Hides cartridge bag is impeccably finished and made from calf leather. The cartridge bag comes with the option of personalisation so that when you are grabbing your bag from the gun bus there is no mistaking it with the option to add spent cartridges and have your initials embossed onto the tag. The bag carries up to 100 12-bore or 125 20-bore cartridges.

RRP: £120