If your riding hat is old and faded the manufacturer may be able to restore it, otherwise you're due a change


Manufacturers may be able to recover a riding hat that is worn and torn, so don’t throw it away just yet. Insubstantial surface damage that has not effected the integrity of the riding hat can can’t just be patched up but having it recovered will make it look like new- even if it’s old. However, if the hat is too old or has sustained dents and gashes, it is time to buy a new one.

If your hat is for hunting then read what to wear out hunting to make sure you are turned out smartly and correctly on the day. Save yourself the embarrassment of being incorrectly dressed. Before riding hats were accepted as appropriate dress for riding, gentlemen were required to wear top hats. Read a history of top hats: topper tricks to learn more about this iconic head wear.


The velvet on my riding cap is quite badly faded and there is a small tear on one side.
Is it possible to have it re-covered?
FP, by email

The strict safety guidelines surrounding the production of riding caps mean that only the company that made the cap would be willing to repair the velvet cover. If another manufacturer were to work on the cap the safety standards would be rendered meaningless. Even the original manufacturer would probably recommend a new hat as many believe that such an important item as a riding cap should be changed every three to five years, particularly in the event of any major falls or knocks. Badly faded velvet suggests you have had the helmet for quite a long time. To replace the velvet the hat would be heated and a slightly damaged one might be affected by this.

I have consulted three manufacturers; all said they would re-cover their own product once they had inspected it carefully for deterioration.