A day job curing poorly critters simply isn't enough for Glasgow's veterinary graduates. These game Glaswegians are willing to go the extra mile to raise funds - sans kit

It seems there’s no length the veterinary students at Glasgow University won’t go to for animals in need. They have already chosen a career curing critters. And now in their spare time they are raising extra funds – sans kit.

And while this year’s class of fourth years have done a sterling job, the calendar is not new to Glasgow University Vet School. In fact, it has become a fourth year rite of passage. Glasgow Vet School have a tradition of final years whipping their kit off for worthy causes. Of course this year’s batch of grads are no different.

But these game Glaswegians are not the only fourth years championing cracking causes in the buff. Sydney may be a long way from Glasgow, but their charitable sporting spirit is exactly the same. The University of Sydney’s veterinary students have been demonstrating how to raise funds Brit-style for over thirty years. Of course, the After Hours naked charity calendar 2016 was a sterling, sell-out success.


There’s no jollier tradition than a naked charity calendar championing country causes, as Glasgow’s game graduates have proved. The Glaswegian gels and chaps got ‘taps aff’ for two cracking causes this year, set up by their fellow vet students.

The Trusty Paws Clinic provides veterinary care to pets of homeless and vulnerably housed people in Glasgow. And Students for Animals in Need (SAIN) provides funds to allow companion animals who require specialist treatment to access facilities at Glasgow’s Small Animal Hospital and the Weipers Centre Equine Hospital. Clearly there is no bunch more charitable than Glasgow’s vet students.

So stand with Glasgow’s students and support these fantastic causes. No need to dispense with any kit, simply make a donation to The Trusty Paws Clinic or Students for Animals in Need. The Field has also contributed to both causes.